November 12, 2015

happy ending to a tough chapter... lots to be thankful for!

IMG_2737Sadly, the sailing season passed us by this year.  My son Julius was run over on the Fourth of July and very nearly lost his life but thanks to the great work of the emergency services and the surgeons at UCSF Oakland Children's Hospital he has made a full recovery!  We just came back from an ultrasound and though his pelvis is still broken, all internal organs appear to be working normally, so I feel we can finally close this chapter!  The sailing community, led by Kirk Miller of Capt. Kirk's Charters, pooled together to raise some money in Julius' name and he was able to present them with a big check.  This thanksgiving we have an awful lot to be thankful for, and we are back on the water sailing to celebrate!  See you out there... and thanks to everyone who contributed, and especially Capt. Kirk for your generosity!!