Let’s go for a sail!

Yes were sailing!

Join me for completely PRIVATE sailing excursions on San Francisco Bay. The 2021 rate is $125/hour and you may bring your own food and drinks aboard. Call to book directly or click the options below to book through airbnb experiences. Everyone is welcome!

Let’s go for a sail!

NOW Open for charters and a message of inclusiveness

Following strict protocols for your safety, I can once again take you sailing on San Francisco Bay! Taking a private sail in the fresh air and sunshine with a small group of people may be one of the safer ways to venture out and celebrate a special occasion this year so if you’re looking for a memorable break from quarantine, a gift for a loved one, or a special date night,
I have a clean boat and beautiful views waiting for you!

Face coverings required to board the boat but we’ve got you covered 😉!

I also strongly believe in inclusion and breaking down racial barriers, and instead of remaining part of the silent white majority, with recent events fresh in our minds and hearts, I now feel it’s necessary to speak out and personally welcome those with brown and black skin to join me in what has traditionally been an elitist white activity called “yachting”.  I strongly encourage people from all backgrounds to try sailing, I always have, but now I promise to be more vocal about it.  
Sailing is for everyone! You are welcome here! You matter! If cost is a barrier, we can work with that, too.

Open 7 days a week for morning, late afternoon, sunset and full moon sailing as well as online virtual experiences if you can’t travel. Click on the links below to book through Airbnb Experiences or call Captain Heather at:

NEW DISCOUNTED RATE $100/hour for Private Groups of up to 6 People!

Let’s go for a sail!

Oh how I’d love to take you sailing this weekend!

Looking for a silver lining to the dark cloud of the pandemic, human quarantine has been great for the marine life- I’ve never seen so many seals, sea lions and porpoises in San Francisco Bay before! I thought I’d share this video with you, taken at the dock yesterday. I hope this message finds you healthy, both mentally and physically, and brightens up your weekend a bit!

Memorial Day weekend usually marks the beginning of a very busy few months but this year will be different. We are still sheltering in place (day 70?) but to those of us that live a Gypsy life in a moveable home sheltering can mean any place the anchor drops, so my kids and I have been hopping around different anchorages in San Francisco Bay trying to stay away from people and catch our own dinners. You can get a glimpse of life at anchor during quarantine by following along on Instagram or Facebook @finedayforsailing

Looking forward to getting out on the water this summer? At some point soon I will be open for taking small groups of passengers out sailing, with precautions like sanitizer and face coverings, with no food or drinks served aboard (but you may bring them yourself). The rates will be lower ($100/hour) and the times will be shorter (2-3 hours) to allow for thorough cleanings between groups and swapping out life jackets, etc. We aren’t allowed to do that just yet but I imagine it will be soon and oh how wonderful to get people outside and on the water when that time comes!

Through the generosity of many clients and friends buying gift cards we were able to gift 12 Pandemic Heroes a much-needed sail on the bay to say thank you for their hard work on the frontlines during this time. If you have someone in mind who could really use this mental health break, get in touch. The buy one, gift one deal will be available until we are allowed to reopen.

Last but not least, if you are bored at home and want to try out a virtual experience, I will be going live this weekend with “Sea Stories at Anchor on San Francisco Bay” through Airbnb Experiences. If you don’t see a date and time that works feel free to request one- this is a whole new world of zoom we’re living in and I’m trying to be creative with it till we can back to sailing in person! Click on this link to book it:

Virtual online experience with Captain Heather

Hey there cutie!
Let’s go for a sail!

Happy solstice! Looking forward to the longer days again…

As we close in on the earliest sunset of 2019 and the end of a full and exciting year I am wishing everyone a very happy solstice and a very happy new year! If you’re looking for a last minute gift but don’t want to just buy more “stuff” consider the gift of a sailing experience. We have lovely gift cards available that don’t add clutter to life but rather add something difficult to find in today’s busy world- lasting memories of a relaxing time together enjoying the beauty of nature!