Good morning Herring!

The birds and seals are growing fat on herring this week and we still have tickets to the annual herring festival on Sunday if you’d like to try some too! This year several restaurants are cooking up new dishes and they all sound scrumptious. If you’ve never tried or even heard of fried milt you have to come check out this buttery delicacy from chef Davey Jones. Tickets available here on eventbrite or possibly at the door of the Bay Model Sausalito if we don’t sell out. We are showing a brilliant film (two showings morning 11am and after lunch at 2pm) called Sonic Sea. And best of all lunch and music by the FISHWIVES are included in your ticket price. All proceeds benefit Sausalito Community Boating Center SCBC at Cass Gidley Marina. Hope to see you there Sunday!

Great gifts to reduce your waste and for the sailors in your life

With limited space on board we are careful to consume and accumulate only what we really need, and it’s always a struggle to reduce the waste we produce in our daily lives.  I’ve been slowly noticing what we throw away frequently and looking for alternatives.  According to the EPA statistics for the year 2013 in the U.S. “On average, we recycled and composted 1.51 pounds of our individual waste generation of 4.4 pounds per person per day.”  Aboard Carodon this year we recycled and composted about 75% of our quarter-pound per person per day of waste.  What does this look like? We now walk up the dock with approximately one gallon bucket of compost, a gallon to five gallons of recycling (depending on how many bottled drinks are consumed on charters) and only a half of a gallon bucket of landfill-bound waste every other day- for five people living aboard and a busy charter business that’s pretty good!

If you are looking for some gifts that help reduce our impact on the earth, here are a few of the products I like that help us REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE and ROT:

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Figure 8 voyage

I love a good story told well and there’s one in the making right now on the open ocean. I first met Randall Reeves at the boatyard last spring. He was yelling unkind words at his boat on a hot day under an even hotter clear tarp, struggling with the gooey stinky task of replacing his non-skid deck. I felt for him- it looked like quite a project. But then I heard about the real project- a non-stop mad dash around both poles in one season, alone – the figure 8 voyage. THAT would be a real task! We stayed in touch and when the time came to see him out the gate I managed to clear my charter schedule to take the cameramen and press out to see him off. It was the foggiest, coldest day yet, with lots of shipping traffic everywhere and a decent sloppy swell running – not an easy exit. Several fellow cruisers sailed out with him and after lots of footage was taken and even a sketchy drone flight over open ocean in rolling seas in the fog we turned around and left Randall in peace to continue his voyage.

That night from my warm, cozy and relatively still bunk I thought of Randall out there alone on the open ocean and opened up his really cool tracker to see exactly where he was and what his weather was doing.

He was making good time on the first day and appeared to be pretty far from major shipping traffic too. I was stoked when the daily blog reports started coming in because Randall is a good storyteller and has a sense of humor that made me instantly like the guy. If you want to see how this story continues be sure to follow his blog here!

A big voyage in a small boat…

Who says you need a big boat and a big budget to go cruising? Meet my friend Ben and also meet out little mahogany dinghy “Puff”. Over the years I’ve had lots of small adventures on “Puff” with my kids so when my friend Ben Shaw mentioned wanting to do some small boat voyaging around the bay this summer I offered up little “Puff” and the challenge was a go…. read Ben’s blog to find out what it was like spending a week sailing, sleeping and voyaging in an 8 foot dinghy on a long loop around San Francisco Bay at shawkeane.wordpress The adventure was epic and I have a feeling it won’t be his last on “Puff” either!

This season I had the pleasure of sailing with Sophie and helping her learn the ropes, so to speak… learning to sail her own boat through spending some time crewing for me. Here is an awesome little video from her YouTube channel “sailing with Sophie” if you like it be sure to subscribe to her channel to see her progression in sailing- Sophie is not one of those who dreams about going sailing- she is making her dreams real!

Going solar all the way with GoSun

Ok so you may recall that we cast off our shore power for good this summer with new solar panels, charge controller and inverter/charger (thanks again dad for the panels!) We have had our first few cloudy/foggy days where the sun barely peeped out at all and I still had fully charged batteries by mid afternoon so it looks like we might be able to ditch the grid forever!

Next up is solar cooking. My son Julius was super excited to get a GoSun oven for summer solstice but unfortunately it wasn't tightened down quite right and the glass vacuum tube crashed and broke on him after just two meals (awesome ones, too)! The good people at GoSun just sent us a new one, no questions asked.

So far, I LOVE it!

No fuel, just sun.

Easy to fill, easy to clean, no oven heat in the galley on a hot day.

Here's a quick look at how it works…

Insert a tray into the glass vacuum tube and set in the sun for about 30 minutes…

Yum! Eggplant baked with pesto and zucchini both out of JJ's garden.

Below is the kids favorite organic hot dogs wrapped in pizza dough- remember pigs in a blanket?

If you're interested in purchasing one for yourself or for a gift click here:

Gosun sport

If you know anyone with a boat or who likes to camp it's an awesome gift!

If you want it to be super portable get the sport pro pack with two trays and a carrying case.

GoSun Sport Pro Pack

Go solar!