We’re back! The sailing season has begun!

After a journey of just over 5000 nautical miles and six months away, we sailed under the Golden Gate on Friday and will be chartering again starting tomorrow! We have lots of new sea stories to tell and ideas try this season for enhancing your sailing experiences so be sure to book a sailing trip soon! Looking for an extended sailing vacation or overnight adventure sailing package? We have options for those as well, from Alaska to Mexico!

2 thoughts on “We’re back! The sailing season has begun!”

  1. Dear Heather,

    Welcome home! Glad you and your young crew are back safely in Sausalito after an amazing sailing experience. We followed your trip closely with your mom and Bill. Being much more casual cruisers, we really enjoyed hearing about your extended journey to Mexico and can’t wait to see you and hear first had how it all went. We too had a 42 foot sloop but never thought seriously about going for a challenging cruise like anything close to yours. Fantastic!

    Best wishes,

    Bill and Judy

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