A big voyage in a small boat…

Who says you need a big boat and a big budget to go cruising? Meet my friend Ben and also meet out little mahogany dinghy “Puff”. Over the years I’ve had lots of small adventures on “Puff” with my kids so when my friend Ben Shaw mentioned wanting to do some small boat voyaging around the bay this summer I offered up little “Puff” and the challenge was a go…. read Ben’s blog to find out what it was like spending a week sailing, sleeping and voyaging in an 8 foot dinghy on a long loop around San Francisco Bay at shawkeane.wordpress The adventure was epic and I have a feeling it won’t be his last on “Puff” either!

2 thoughts on “A big voyage in a small boat…”

  1. Thanks Heather, for making my voyage possible. Sharing your boat was only one of the ways you helped make the trip possible. When I first mentioned the idea of sailing around SF Bay in a small boat I didn’t know if it was a sound idea or something crazy. You encouraged me and said it was a great idea. You spent time with me looking at charts, connected me with people and shared your knowledge of local waters. Thank you for all of these things and more.

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