Looking for a serious adventure? Sail with Muktuks this year!


Here is an excerpt from a letter from friends… some great sailors who will be taking  on passengers this year from Mexico to Alaska and if you are looking for a real adventure you will want to sign on as guests!  Karl and Ali are serious sailors with a terrific boat and Ali is a fantastic cook, too… Please get in touch for more details and dates if you are interested in longer distance chartering (and it’s very affordable!):

Back to Alaska Instead of Sitka spruce and snow fields, cactus forests, red rock formations and sand dunes are passing by our hull along the coast of Baja California/Mexico, one of our favorite cruising grounds. Despite the charms of the Sea of Cortez, we often reminisce about Alaska. Especially during this time of the year we remember our white Christmas in front of the Prince William Sound glaciers last season. So, we have decided to turn our bow north once more next spring. “The Last Frontier” has a strong grip on us and we would like to invite you to experience Alaska aboard Muktuk. Our trip will take us from the Aleutians along the Alaska Peninsula to the Shumagin Islands and from there to the Katmai National Park and Kodiak. In autumn we will set sail towards our winter hide-away in Prince William Sound. Alaska offers something special for everybody and previous sailing experience is not a prerequisite: only the love of wilderness and an enthusiasm for nature and new experiences are essential. Humpback, fin, and killer whales blow the waters and sometimes one even spys grey whales. Sea and river otters can be seen in the harbors and seals and sea lions bask on the rocks. Sitka deer come to the beach to lick some salt, bald eagles glide through the air, and bears look for sweet grass, berries, or salmon depending on the season. The scenic landscape invites long hikes and occasionally one can even spot a moose. For people interested in fishing, halibut, salmon, rockfish and cod can be guaranteed; and the fresh catch lands straight in the galley – good cuisine is an important part of everyday life aboard Muktuk. Three whole years in Alaska have taught us a lot about this area: we listened closely to fishermen when they gave us tips and revealed the best fishing spots. Over and over again we met „natives“ and „sourdoughs“, who not only enlightened us about their long history and traditions but also informed us of edible plants and mushrooms. Whenever we met a captain, no matter if he was steering the Alaska State Ferry or a small fishing boat, we exchanged information about safe anchorages, weather and wind patterns, and routes through the tidal waters. It is our joy to share our knowledge and our fascination for this area and the vagabond lifestyle with you!

4 thoughts on “Looking for a serious adventure? Sail with Muktuks this year!”

  1. I once did a sailboat tour of the San Juan Islands. It was really cool because there are some islands that you can’t get to by using the ferries. I’m sure this is true about Alaska and Mexico as well. This means that you have access to areas that most people never get to see. It can really help to make your vacation feel more like an adventure, just like you said.

  2. Looking at your website. Hope your cruising went well this spring. We are busy seeding now, good moisture, should have a nice start. Hope it rains in June and July. It is nice to think of you, Will miss all of you next winter in PE. Dennis

  3. Hi I am jeff captain of sailing boat imaqa
    I met Karl and Ali twice and I sound like To have news from them because i Will cross the nwp next year
    Could you give me their mail contact?
    Many thanks

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